The Bridge


This game offers an immersive escape experience in a real-time simulation, this allows us to provide different missions that allow for unique and increasingly challenging gameplay. Each of your crew members has a specific role to play and overcome challenges and to complete your space mission.

The Backstory:

Mission 1. You and your crew find yourself on the Bridge of a starship engulfed in an intense galactic battle with no idea how you got there. You will have to figure out how to stay alive, you will need to work together as a team and rely on the final words of your captain.

Crew Positions


The Helms console is manned by the Helmsman, who is responsible for all functions related to the movement of the Dark Ice. The Helmsman also shares with the Weapons Officer the ability to raise and lower shields, and change the view on the Main-screen. Along with the Captain and Weapons, it is one of the three most important roles in the game.

Helms 540


The Weapons console is manned by the Weapons Officer, sometimes called the "Tactical Officer". The Weapons Officer's role is not only to manage all of the weapons on the Dark Ice but also prepares scientific instruments like Probes and Beacons. The ship's stock of Homing Torpedoes can also be converted into energy, giving the Weapons Officer control of an emergency reserve of fuel.

Weapons 540


The Engineering console is manned by the Chief Engineer, they can double or even triple the speed and firepower of the Dark Ice. If no one is available to man the Engineering console, it will operate in Autonomous mode. 

Engineering 582


The Science console is manned by the Science Officer, who is responsible for tracking enemy ships and locating bases and environmental hazards in the sector. The Dark Ice's powerful long-range sensors can be used to scan enemy ships and uncover their weaknesses, as well as identify anomalies or xeno-organisms that can be used as a source of energy or lured into attacking your foes.

Science 582


The Communications officer sends and receives messages from computer-controlled ships and stations. Communications need to work closely with science to monitor what’s happening around the ship, and in combat situations get enemy vessels to surrender. They also coordinate with Friendly Space-Stations to manufacture weapons and power for your ship.

Comms 582


Last but not least is the Captain of the Dark Ice, while they have no specific station but they do get the good Chair. It is their job is to see the big picture and make decisions about what missions to undertake, what enemies to take out, and to keep the crew alive. Communication skills are vital for a good Captain.