Government Secrets


What has the government been hiding? Why have we been invited to this remote and secure facility? This secret has been kept for more than 50 years and it's time everyone knows, even Julian Assange founder of WikiLeaks couldn't get his hands on this information, lets see if you can. 

The Backstory:

After being paid to enter a secret facility, you find yourself locked in a government records room where your only way out is a door labeled DO NOT ENTER. What goes on here and what are they hiding? Follow the trail left by a mysterious helper, get proof, and get out before your discovered. You have 60 minutes to find the answers and get our.

Who should play?

  • This escape room is suitable for all ages 10 and up.
  • The rooms are dimly lit so we suggest bringing in glasses if you need them. 
  • The room is designed for 6-8 people but we can accomodate 10 people. 
  • Difficulty is 4 out of 5