Defenders of the Galaxy


You and your team fought hard to keep the Power Stone, chased acrossed the galaxy you managed to defeat them but not before your ship was damaged. Now your ship engines are out and you are being pulled into a nearby star. You have one hour to save your ship, the Power Stone and the Galaxy before the Endgame.

The Backstory:

You and your crew were transporting a Power stone needed to Defend the Galaxy, when you were attacked. You managed to destroy the alien ships, but your ship lost its engines during the battle. Does your crew have what it takes to fix the ship and escape from the gravity of the star? You have one hour to find out where your zany crew hid the backup batteries needed to restart the engine and use the Power Stone to active your new warp core. 

Who should play?

  • This escape room is suitable for all ages 10 and up.
  • The room is designed for 4-5 adults but we can accomodate 6 adults or a mixture of adults and kids up to 8 people. 
  • Difficulty is 3 out of 5

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