Forgotten Pharaoh Escape


During construction on the Nile Dam, a new tomb was discovered buried deep below the surface. From the markings on the outside, this appears to be an unknown Pharaoh. The first attempt to catalog the tomb has failed, the Team Alpha has not checked in, you have 60 minutes before the Dam is routed back and this tomb is flooded forever.

The Backstory:

Dr. Benjamin and his team were sent in a month ago when the Tomb was first discovered, Dr. Benjamin made some progress in deciphering the markings and gained entrance to the Tomb. But three days after entering the tomb all contact was lost, the local guides refused to enter the tomb, they warn of a curse on the tomb and advise you to not to enter!!

 You must assemble your bravest and brightest team to discover the fate of Dr. Benjamin's team and to collect the artifacts from the tomb. The construction on the Dam is incomplete and the local authorities have set a deadline on when the Dam must be opened again. You now have only 60 minutes before the tomb is sealed and flooded forever..

Who should play?

  • This escape room is suitable for all ages 10 and up.
  • The rooms are dimly lit so we suggest bringing in glasses if you need them. 
  • The room is designed for 4-5 adults but we can accommodate 6 adults or a mixture of adults and kids up to 8 people. 
  • Difficulty is 4 out of 5
  • Please be aware this room use fog, laser, and loud sound effects.