Escape Rooms are indeed safe during COVID-19

In this new normal of COVID-19, there is a fine line between being self-isolated in our home and going stir crazy. Given public health safety and guidelines, many events or activities are no longer possible. But there is light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to finding a fun activity that is a low risk of COVID-19 exposure. While escape room is not as widely known as other entertainment activities, escape rooms are actually much safer. They are safer than retail, festival, restaurants, movie theaters, and bars.

Escape rooms offer people a live-action and immersive experience. It is a great for team-building or spending quality time together among family and friends. They must work together as a team to solve intriguing puzzles and unravel the storyline before time is up.

Cope with stress during the pandemic does not come easy for everyone. Mental health is just as critical as physical health. Whether you are going for a jog, spending time with family, walking your dog(s) or yes, even going to an escape room, it’s important to sharp! 

Here are couple reasons why Escape Rooms are in general a safe option. 

- Small group - Each room holds 2-10 people

- Private booking - All game sessions are appointment based

- Sanitizing- Extra time will be allotted in between games for cleaning and disinfecting

- Private - Only your group is playing the game with peole that you know —i.e. spouse, children, family member(s), roommate(s), and/or friend(s)

- Contact tracing - Each player needs to sign a waiver and provide a contact info which is usually his/her email address

- Social distancing between staff and patrons - Escape room is set up so that game master can follow players' progress remotely and/or a distance

- Face covering required - Game masters and players must wear a mask at all times