• Defenders
    of the Galaxy

    You and your team fought hard to keep the Power Stone, chased acrossed the galaxy you managed to defeat them but not before your ship was damaged. Now your ship engines are out and you are being pulled into a nearby star. You have one hour to save your ship, the Power Stone and the Galaxy before the End Game. 
  • Government

    You received several strange calls to enter a secure, but seemingly abandoned government facility. He provided you with a window of 60 minutes to retrieve an unknown file by an anonymous person. Can your team enter the facility to uncover the clues and escape before your detected? 
  • Forgotten
    Pharaoh Escape

    Dr. Benjamin has gone missing while exploring a newly discovered tomb by the Nile damn. Your team has 60 minutes to find Dr. Benjamin and his team before the damn is re-started and the tomb is flooded again.